Watching the show was a joy, even attempts to second guess the "how's and why's" were pointless. I was entertained throughout and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Lyndon separates himself from his peers with his natural style of delivery, spend time with him and be amazed !! Highly recommend
2 Oct 23

John Ellis, Wedding

I love "magic", always have done, so when I heard that my friend had a mind reading magician at his wedding I was so excited.

I know, it sounds a bit like a kid in a sweet shop, but I feel I should explain this so you can understand why I was completely mesmerised.

Lyndon performed several illusions, including one involving a page from a book. He had the "assistant" read a page (to not out loud), at random, and then wrote down half a dozen words from that paragraph. There is no way he could have known the page or paragraph that would be chosen, and absolutely no chance of collaboration beforehand. So, whilst the audience were amazed, I was completely confounded... because in this instance, I was the assistant
He does exactly what it says on the tin, he reads minds, and performs magic, because that's what he did when I saw him :)
4 Oct 23

Rachel Thomas-Rayment, Wedding

Lyndon it was so good to see you again, performing at our dinner night. Yet again you proved what a consummate professional you are! The boss' is still amazed at how you came up with his mother's maiden name - saying that so am I!!
Thank you again

Capt D Holloway, Battlesbury Barracks Officers Mess

Thanks, for your performance it was quite simply breathtaking. All of the staff were still talking about you when we went into the office on Monday. It really added to a wonderful night. I have never enjoyed magic so much!

Mrs J Gallagher, Gallagher Finance Office function

Thank You so much for performing at our wedding. All of our guests, commented on how good you were, and how professional you are.
Thank You again

Mr & Mrs S. Venables, Wedding